Minted Art Fair Challenge

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I’ve been painting a little bit here and there and recently had the chance to submit some work into Minted’s Art Fair Challenge.  Lately, I’ve been taking more breaks away from working at the computer and getting back into painting (and other creative projects). My submissions may seem a little all over the place this time around, but I plan to hone in on a direction or theme in the near future. For now, I’m continuing to explore different mediums, techniques and subject matter and having fun doing so.

If you have a few minutes to to spare, please vote for my art entries at the links below or on this voting page right here. Rate art prints that resonate with you (on a scale of 1-5) and help Minted curate their next collection! Thanks for checking out my work!! 🙂

Reflecting-Pool-abstract-paintingReflecting Pool art print


The-Caverns-abstract-paintingThe Caverns art print


Oceania-abstract-paintingOceania art print


Le-Cirque-abstract-paintingLe Cirque art print


Le-Cirque-2-abstract-paintingLe Cirque 2 art print


Le-Cirque-3-abstract-paintingLe Cirque 3 art print


Kismet-watercolor-abstract-art-printKismet art print


Awash-watercolor-painting-art-printAwash art print


Sea-Garden-watercolor-painting-abstract-art-printSea Garden art prints


Abstract-Bouquet-watercolor-painting-art-printAbstract Bouquet art print


Stars-abstract-paintingStars art print


Cosmos-abstract-paintingCosmos art print


Flora-photographic-art-printFlora art print


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